Global Events and Hand-clapping

January 8, 2010

What’s a nursery-rhyme got to do with global events? Plenty. This little song has received nearly 20,000,000 hits on its YouTube platform. And that’s a pretty global event, and some exposure

How did I become one of the 20 million consumers of the YouTube video? Through that phenomenon of discovery by surfing around. In other words mostly by accident while looking for something else. One day we will have a better idea of how images and words impel people to ‘pass it on’. At the moment it passes for a mysterious force known as viral marketing, which operates thanks to the Internet

Network Marketing? When Bad is Good. GOLing and LOLing

December 28, 2009

Social Media are providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to build new businesses. A recent example demonstrates how the Groan out Loud effect leads to effective viral marketing

When you get one of those terrible Christmas Cracker questions you groan out loud. But you also want to share the groan with someone else. That’s the basis of the GOL effect and helps explain one trigger which leads to effective viral marketing.

This thought hit me recently after I received an offer of the services of a network marketing outfit. The basic service on offer was a way of augmenting your web-presence. The principle is as old as advertising itself : get your message promoted as widely as possible. The method involves using taking an article and cloning it to look like six articles and then cloning each of the six into ten versions.

As the comment pointed out

Article marketing is extremely powerful used this way. That would cost around $150 to have the articles re written and distributed. A further $150 would get them again spun a little and added to some very high ranking web 2 properties like hub pages, propeler, squidoo etc. and these would link to your other articles submitted to the directories and to your main site (very powerful, your site will start ranking higher almost immediately with this).

Such offers demonstrate creativity applied to a ‘get-rich quick scheme’ There will be people who are attracted to its central premise. In more sophisticated forms, the basic idea has been around for a long time. It is the electronic version of the old market research approach of testing the response rate of small ad variants.

The GOL effect

I was already sufficiently interested that I followed up the comment. What I found produced in me what I will now refer to as the GOL effect. The entrepreneur wrote in such bad English that it made me GOL (Groan out Loud). But it made me want to tell other people about it. Suppose, I wondered, if such experiences induce a compulsion to sharing them with others (like sharing a really bad pun from a Christmas Cracker)?

This is what produced my GOL moment

These are the every around prizewinning meshwork marketing tips for success. This analyse itemize module not exclusive wage you with a instruction for success with meshwork marketing but success in anything you opt to administer the method to. I?d feature that?s pretty coercive clog eh?? What some grouping seem to hit pain control is the fact that success it self, be it with business, sports or modify academics, has the rattling aforementioned formula. Basically, if you undergo what it takes to be flourishing at digit thing, you crapper ofttimes administer the rattling aforementioned move in a assorted environment and replicate that aforementioned category of success for yourself over and over again.

Viral Marketing and the GOL moment

In some way, the writing has a high attention-grabbing quality. And that, combined with the impulse to share lies at the heart of viral marketing. That is the message offered in this post. Not for $300. Not even for $150. Please use the concept of GOL to help you design creative and compulsive GOL messages for your own products. Maybe it will help you crapper ofttimes administer the rattling aforementioned move.

What’s the difference between spam and junk mail?

May 8, 2009
Junk Mail

Junk Mail

What’s the difference between spam and junk mail? Not a lot. We have had an increasing flow of e-garbage on LWD since we started blogging in 2006

Invitations to porn sites, and mysterious computer-generated gibberish have now been joined by brief messages which look like part of a sad little marketing effort after someone has been to a ‘how to drive traffic to your site’ seminar.

The sort of thing I mean

This week there has been a whole bunch of such missives from a suspiciously similar set of senders.

Six today [May 8th 2009]:







Each of the six had sent a terse almost English sentence such as

Gotta love yahoo, very neat website. Thanks alot….[sic]

The spam targetted recent and older posts, with utter disregard of post content.

Dumb bloggers

Has there been yet another of those dumb bloggers suggesting this as a brilliant e-marketing idea to build a business?

It is all very sad. It would be nice to find a win-win way to reduce the flow. The openness of open source for encouraging discussion is one of its appealing features for me, and I am still one step away from introducing a barrier to entry to comments for LWD. Creative solutions welcomed. Maybe if you come across any blog advocating such pathetic advice you could send them this post. A legitimate application of viral marketing, I’d argue.


To Joan Harvest with grateful thanks for the junk mail free zone image