Self-help guru released from prison to market his new ‘how to succeed’ CDs

July 14, 2013

James Arthur Ray has served his sentence for causing the deaths of three participants on an inspirational retreat involving extreme physical deprivations and walking on hot coals. He is reported as planning to continue his work as it is too important for it to be abandoned

Mr Ray was reported as being released on July 12th 2013. The deadly experience for participants on his “Spiritual Warrior” retreat in Sedona, Arizona occurred in October 2009. A desert “vision quest” of a day and a half for fifty paying acolytes left them exhausted, sleep and food deprived, and in need of rehydration. They then followed Ray across a six meter [20 foot] hot coal walk. Three people failed to survive the experience. A similar kind of incident, but without fatalities, occurred more recently in a workshop featuring the well-known motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Mr Ray came to national attention in 2006 in a film The Secret, where he is shown promoting his life-changing journey towards wealth, health and happiness.

Christine Whelan writing in USA Today offers a balanced view of the potential benefits of self-improvement advice, and the plethora of those whom she describes as purveyors of snake-oil. Her estimate is that Ray and Robins are part of a thirteen billion dollars a year industry. She also advocates the evaluations of such programmes found in the book Self-Help That Works,now into its forth edition.

To be continued

What do I know about network marketing?

December 19, 2009

What do I know about network marketing? Not a lot. But I need to know a bit more

This morning I came across a concise outline of a business model. I suspect its originators had dumped it on multiple websites in a rather crude bot-aided way. So at one level it gets a lot of people ignoring it as spam. Yes it is almost spam.

I followed up the dodgy message and found a wretchedly written-article, which appeared to have been generated by a speech-to-text system to produce something intended to pass for English.

Conclusion: I won’t be dealing with this particular e-business, but the model it suggests is arguably important. On the other had it may have been so cunningly constructed that its very crappiness gives it some potential for viral ‘success’.

Here’s the message I received on the LWD comments page:

With those keyword phrases identified say for example choosing 3 at a time then you can get 6 articles done for you and optimized, two articles per keyword, that would cost around $90 for all These articles can be given to someone to be spun (changes slightly in terminology, working etc to make each article unique, and spun into around 10 versions of each, you now have 60 articles which can be distributed to over 60 sites giving you extremely high ranking backlinks. Article marketing is extremely powerful used this way. That would cost around $150 to have the articles re written and distributed. A further $150 would get them again spun a little and added to some very high ranking web 2 properties like hub pages, propeler, squidoo etc. and these would link to your other articles submitted to the directories and to your main site (very powerful, your site will start ranking higher almost immediately with this).

And here’s what I found when I followed the link:

“These are the every around prizewinning meshwork marketing tips for success. This analyse itemize module not exclusive wage you with a instruction for success with meshwork marketing but success in anything you opt to administer the method to.
I?d feature that?s pretty coercive clog eh??
What some grouping seem to hit pain control is the fact that success it self, be it with business, sports or modify academics, has the rattling aforementioned formula. Basically, if you undergo what it takes to be flourishing at digit thing, you crapper ofttimes administer the rattling aforementioned move in a assorted environment and replicate that aforementioned category of success for yourself over and over again.”

I particularly like “you crapper ofttimes administer the rattling aforementioned move”

Is there an important idea lurking here somewhere? I’d like comments, particularly from colleagues more experienced in network marketing. But please think carefully before you become a participant in this bit of modern day snake-oil salesmanship.