A long night in Paris by Dov Alfon

June 20, 2020


Book Review. Dov Alfon (trans Daniella Zamir), A long night in Paris, Maclehose Quercus: London, 2018

Reviewed by Tudor Rickards

We thriller addicts are easy to please. All we want is a puzzle to be solved by interesting characters, told in way which moves on rapidly with a modicum of the unfamiliar amid the obligations of the genre.
On most counts, A long night in Paris works adequately. The main characters, Colonel Zeev Abadi, and sidekick Oriana Talmore are engaging superspies in Israeli intelligence. The plot is more than puzzling enough with assorted villains, supervillains, hit men and hit women connected together through a flight from TelAviv which arrives in Paris with a whirlwind of abductions and killings for no immediately obvious reason.
The translation feels smooth (to this reviewer ignorant of its original language). The spycraft is convincing. Minor characters have a chance to shine if they do not reach a premature end; and the violence is of the non-gratuitous kind. The puzzles are eventually resolved in a satisfactory way.
One minor distraction is the presence of one or two sub-plots which could have been left out by a little more editorial bullying.

Overall, worth a browse.

Rating ****