Traditional Easter Fare: Good Friday gets even better



England settles into its regular Easter break. We have the traditional confusing weather for this time of year. Spring is trying to land a knockout blow, but winter is a tricky fighter, ducking and weaving, resistant to the last.

Good Friday passes comparatively unnoticed in the national news, beyond cries of outrage over an advertisement from a retail giant announcing that Good Friday had become even better this year, thanks to its cheap booze offers. Further outrage follows a downgrading of the Easter message in the marketing of chocolate eggs.

President Trump continues to drive such parochial stories off the front pages He has acquired a new enthusiasm for military interventions.  He has found what looks like a military strategy of doing the unexpected. Unexpected is often because it may involve going against promises he made on the campaign trail some months ago.

To be sure, most politicians find it necessary to duck and weave somewhat, but few have had such satisfactory reset mechanisms as Mr Trump. His earlier campaign made much of actions to keep America out of overseas military interventions. Now he has switched bigly. First there was the launching of Tomahawk missiles accompanied by an emotional expression of outrage against the murder of children in Syria. This, though denied by its allies was the responsibility of the Syrian Government if not directly ordered by it. The Trump Tomahawks in Syria with attempts to minimize harm to any children of passing tourists, received enough approval to encourage him to an encore.

Then a MOAB, [a massive ordinance air blast] cosily branded as The Mother of All Bombs, dealt death on a Jihadist bunker in Afghanistan. Again, there was more than a modicum of popularity for this brilliant act, assumed by some to be a way of putting the frighteners on North Korea.

As predicted by more concerned figures internationally, the action encouraged North Korea to threaten nuclear Armageddon in response. All in all, Good Friday was not getting even better.

I found little consultation in the assorted invocations for all right-thinking citizens to stop being beastly to one another. The blessed peace-makers included religious leaders who were joined by other supporters of the great idea of giving peace a chance.  Back in England, our Prime Minister Theresa May added her deeply-felt message to others.

I can’t report what she said in detail, as I had been overcome by a desire to go out into the blustery world to make peace with someone, armed only with a bottle of Easter special-offer cheap booze.

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