Love the books, loathe the day

March 2, 2017

Yesterday I was in a fine local bookshop, watching a grandfatherly figure being helped to choose a book for a six- year-old. It was for the upcoming World Book Day

It is an admirable idea for children to be encouraged to love books. This week is, I learn, children’s book week, within which there is World Book Day, at or around the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen

The creative floodgates

Give the advertising tootie-fruities an assignment to publicize the day, and the creativity floodgates open, to the betterment of a generation of children. It offers the promise of a culturally-enriched future. It also works to the betterment of the book trade. Then again, the beneficiaries are vendors of expensive Book Day kiddie’s outfits.

Cue for school gate displays of wealth and who loves you most strutting by parents.

Do something booky

Do something booky, urged one ad, it seems that involves offering the purchase of expensive garments of the fancy dress variety.

Such marketing hype worked for Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day, Halloween, ( Father’s day in November), and Sesquicentennial Day.  OK, I made that last one one up, but who knows for the future?

Children’s Book Day is heading for major league status. My guess is that the fancy dresses will outsell books soon, by a midsummer night dream of a figure.