Bunter Cakes for Bunter Paws

Billy BunterBully Bunter was not a particularly popular chap. He didn’t have many chums. But he often got his own way because he was the biggest boy in his form at Graylings School. He could get particularly angry if he thought anyone else was trying to get more than their fair share of cake

Most of the boys thought this was greedy because he was so strong he always got the biggest share of any cakes arriving at School anyway.

One day some of the boys tried to change the rules for a fairer share of cakes. Bully Bunter was outraged. What you call fair isn’t fair, he cried. You are trying to get a share of cake which doesn’t belong to you. That’s not right. Any cake that is mine I don’t intend to share with you rotters. I have been too generous with you all already.

His school mates were not happy. That was the start of a big split in The Remove as even the few friends he had like Johnny Bull began to turn against him.

Let them jolly well eat their own cakes, Bully Bunter said to himself, licking a crumb from his lips. It’s Bunter Cakes for Bunter Paws in future.

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