The Charismatic League Tables September 2015

Donad TrumpSince the last publication of the charismatic league table, a league structure of charismatic individuals has been instituted.

Relegation  and promotion based in the latest news stories of those individuals nominated for inclusion who are still generating media attention


The tables are designed to encourage discussion about our beliefs on charisma, and no scholarly claims are made of their reliability or validity.

The tables will be revised monthly until further notice. A rather old-fashioned spreadsheet is under preparation.

To avoid entryism

All proposals will be examined carefully by the editor of LWD before changes are made. The editor’s decision on such changes will be final. This utterly undemocratic process is one designed to avoid entryism, and any such attempts to influence the league tables in underhanded ways.

Read  on to see the five league tables for September 2015.

Division One

Fidel Castro **

Boris Johnson

President Gorbachev

Donald Trump *

Camila Batmanghelidjh *

Ronald Reagan

Bill Clinton


Division Two

Julian Assange

Richard Branson

Jose Mourinho *

Lady Gaga

Michelle Obama

Stephen Hawkins

Princess Diana


Division Three

Tony Benn ***


Russell Brand

Dan Quayle

Ricky Gervase

Jeremy Corbyn*

David Cameron **


Division Four

Tim Henman

Prince Charles

George Bush Snr

Liz Kendall*

Andy Burnham*

Yvette Cooper*

Andy Murray


Division Five

Roy Hodgson

Michael Gove

Paul Scholes

Mr Bean

Alan Shearer

A Box of Weetabix (12 piece size)



* These league positions are based on last month’s news stories.

**These positions have been challenged by one or more independent commentators

*** These new entries have been proposed by one or more independent commentators



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