How Charismatic are the Candidates in the Labour Leadership Contest?

Fidel CastroFour candidates are battling to become the next leader of the Labour party.   Here’s a lighthearted charisma league table which is currently headed by Fidel Castro and Boris Johnson

Of the candidates, Jeremy Corbyn is located towards the middle of the table just above David Cameron. The other three are close to the relegation zone, battling it out with Andy Murray.

The Charismatic Premier League

Fidel Castro
Boris Johnson
Julian Assange
Richard Branson
Jose Mourinho
Lady Gaga
Michelle Obama
Stephen Hawkins
Princess Diana,
Russell Brand
Ricky Gervase
Jeremy Corbyn*
David Cameron
Donald Trump
Tim Henman
Prince Charles
Liz Kendall*
Andy Burnham*
Yvette Cooper*
Andy Murray
Michael Gove
Paul Scholes


Positions for the Labour Party candidates calculated after last rounds of hustings, July 22nd 2015, using the Castro Charismatic Scale. The ratings were from an email survey of 500 randomly selected LWD subscribers conducted over the period July 23-24th.

Fidel Castro holds the record for the number of consecutive appearances as No 1 in the table.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who was regularly a top five finisher in the league over the last 20 years, had been excluded for insufficient Premier League appearances over the period 2014-2015.

Position in the table is an indication of leadership style rather than an individual’s achievements or capabilities.

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