The World is beta

Just occasionally, an article speaks for itself

I would like to nominate this as my article of the month [June 16, 2015]. In it, the authors argue:

In the race to automate, there’s a big risk that some organisations will neglect talent management. We believe that the priority should not be forming a digital strategy for your people, but creating a people strategy for the digital age.

I hope LWD subscribers will enjoy it as much as I have.

Congratulations to PwC.

Click here to see the article

One Response to The World is beta

  1. hlgray says:

    How true. The more the workplace gets mechanised the more important it is for it to be humanised. Machine will still be dealing with people and on human issues. As more and more older people stay in the workforce the greater the humanising impetus wll have to be.


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