The Independence debate as it happened:unedited notes

August 27, 2014

Polls suggest that the second debate on Scottish Independence was a win for the Yes campaign and its leader Alex Salmond. These unedited notes prepared at the time for LWD suggest something different

Opening statement Alex Salmond. Mostly convincing until claim that among other advantages, an Independent Scotland would ‘prevent unjust wars…’

Opening statement Alastair Darling. Mostly, why trust silver-tongued Alex?

First question from audience. was on financial security. Darling focused on risks of leaving. Salmond a bit less focused, but essentially seeking a mandate to share Stirling while mentioning other options.

Oil revenues. Little spat on who said what in the past. Unclear. I lost the points being made.

Plan B again What is Option B if no Stirling agreement is reached? Alex gives rehearsed answer but don’t mention a plan B. Chair suggests Plan B is to use pound anyway. Gradually Plan B seemed a bit unclear although
Salmond says he has three options. He then seizes on Darling’s point that Scotland could use Sterling after independence. This seems an important concession for audience.

Question on health finance Bit more ‘he said I said’ on NHS funding. More near incomprehensible stats from both speakers. Angry audience speaker calls AD a hypocrite for betraying Nye Bevan.

Later. AD confusing when he talks of our country. Scotland or UK?

Cross examination Plan B. Yawn. Oil revenue. Not quite yawn. More disputed stats. More shouty stuff. Both advocates a bit het up. Only slight personal preference was for AD on sincerity. A very cross examination.

Switched off I really couldn’t take any more. Was a switch off. So switched over after forty five of sixty minutes. Can’t see how the debates are changing many voters’ intentions.