“Why don’t I ever post comments to this site?” Let’s be having you

January 28, 2014

Delia Smith

Delia Smith

“Why don’t I ever post comments to this site ?” asked Louise? “I read it regularly. I’ve even ‘liked’ some of the blogs.”

A good question. Louise teaches leadership on courses around the world. So why doesn’t she contribute comments?

“You don’t get many comments at all.”

It’s a fair point. I mumbled something about maybe readers are a bit embarrassed to post comments for some reason. Maybe my students don’t want to risk looking foolish? But Louise isn’t a student.

“Perhaps” added Louise “you can ask a question at the end of a post to encourage comments”.

Me: “I have to think about how to do that. Maybe I need to work on it” [was I being defensive?]”

So I thought a bit about the idea and came up with a question which may be the sort of thing Louise had in mind.

The question inviting comments

So here’s a question for readers. I know you are out there, at least visiting Leaders We Deserve, even if you don’t comment. Do you have any suggestions to add to Louise’s which you would like to contribute? Why not write a comment? I read them all, and try to comment back. Don’t worry if you think your English is not good enough. Our readership comes from over 180 countries, and there is editorial help if needed. I look forward to reading your suggestions.

And after commenting, how about writing a post?

Maybe it’s one short comment for Louise and one big step towards publishing a blog post. As the national treasure Delia Smith once said, appealing to her [football] supporters “Come on, let’s be having you’. Students are particularly welcomed.

Tudor Rickards
Editor, Leaders We Deserve