Leadership lessons from the life of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher Freedom Fighter

A post on Leadership Lessons from the life of Margaret Thatcher is under preparation. It will include an examination of obituaries and appraisals in the media over the period between her death and her funeral [April 8th -April 17th 2013].

These include the view from The Economist which concluded

This is a crucial time to hang on to Margaret Thatcher’s central perception: that for countries to flourish, people need to push back against the advance of the state. What the world needs now is more Thatcherism, not less.

Subscribers’ comments will be welcomed.

One Response to Leadership lessons from the life of Margaret Thatcher

  1. Lea says:

    Professor Rikards,

    Greetings from North Carolina.

    I am currently working with a concept presented to me in light of my current situation. It was shared with me by a Retired US Air Force Major who stated that one must first be a great follower before one can be a great leader.

    I’ve never been been very successful at following managers who have lost my respect or are inept. Yet, am told by the Air Force guys that this is a critical step towards leadership.

    I look forward to your thoughts.

    Many thanks,
    Lea Crandall

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