Doping in tennis: thinking the unthinkable

February 5, 2013

Rafa NadalAndy Murray calls for stricter anti-doping measures for tennis. This is news partly an aftershock from the Lance Armstrong case in cycling. It raises an alternative explanation for near super-human endurance feats of top tennis players from time to time

[Updated March 2015]

News stories sometimes reveal a series of earlier incidents which seem to be connected. The antecedents are not necessarily causes. Take this week’s story of doping in tennis. Doping has made headlines in recent weeks [Jan 2012] over the downfall of Lance Armstrong, one of the biggest names in cycling. The entire sport risks pariah status if it cannot be seen to have taken steps to clean up its act. A more recent cycling icon, Bradley Wiggins, speaks up for the clean cyclists who feel that Armstrong has diminished their achievements.

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