Geek Speak will not rescue Blackberry’s future

Blackberry 10RIM re-launches its Blackberry 10 product today. It is not helped if its executives can only use Geek Speak in press interviews

In the UK, RIM’s press agency has done its job and an interview arranged for a senior Blackberry executive to explain the new product to BBC’s Five Live radio audience [8am, Jan 30th 2012]. After a few minutes, the interviewer realised he was dealing with someone speaking a difficult executive dialect of Geek Speak.

When asked to simplify what was new about the new product the executive, naturally, continued in Geek Speak without a translator to hand.

I may have missed something

I may have missed something, as my grasp of Geek Speak is also limited. I thought he said something that sounded like the new product ‘enabled transition to a unique and exciting end-user proposition.’

Blackberry Jam

I have this scary image of discussions around RIM, owners of Blackberry, the messages communicated in geekspeak so that salespersons are able to gain optimal buy-in to the uniqueness of the offering and its platforms.

Anticipation is high

Anticipation is high on a launch believed to be make or break for blackberry. [See also here] Let’s wait a little longer to see if the Geekery justifies the GeekSpeakery


First reviews [31st Jan 2013] suggest that the Z10 is chock fulla design elements . A cunning aspect is (if I understand it) a sort of firewall between stuff for and from its Corporate use and stuff for and from its personal use. Which says to me a neat way of attracting individuals to embrace the Z10 for personal use in a way that can be sold to he Corporate paymasters dishing out the product.

3 Responses to Geek Speak will not rescue Blackberry’s future

  1. Harry Gray says:

    I would not employ an MD with this kind of understanding of the customer

  2. The thought crossed my mind. I wondered if the culture had a deadening effect on all efforts to develop media-savvy?

  3. Apple says:

    I am sure this piece of writing has touched all the internet visitors, its really really pleasant post on building up new webpage.

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