Leaders We Deserve attracts its 150,000th visit of 2012

Tudor RickardsLeaders We Deserve will welcome its 150,000th visit of 2012 sometime this week. If you think you know anyone who might enjoy the posts on this site, please pass on the invitation to become one of our 2000 subscribers through our URL http://wp.me/p2C96-2ra

Could you be be person who made the 150,000 visit of 2012 to the site? You can find the answer in the BLOG STATS box, where it will be recorded as o 665,308 hits

Our plans for 2013 include

 3-4 leadership-related posts each week

 Selected posts used as study cases on International Leadership programmes

 More posts supplied or suggested by our subscribers

 Recognition of an author and the posted publication through a wall-display certificate

 Posts written based on subscriber requests

 Continued policy of Ad-free posting

 Subscribers questions welcomed and answered

Many thanks to all our visitors who provided the 150,000 visits, and warmest best wishes for 2013

Tudor Rickards, Editor, Leaders We Deserve

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