Hurricane Sandy

Science can watch, measure anticipate plan, and protect. But Hurricane Sandy reminds us of the limits of human power over nature

The world watches the unfolding path of destruction unleashed by Hurricane Sandy. It seems appropriate that the hurricane arrived on the Western seaboard of the United States in time to disrupt an increasingly fractious campaign to elect the next President there.

Instantaneous updates

Most news sources seem to be communicating the primary information instantaneously. Wikipedia, for example, is as powerful a source of information as the older media. I did not expect it to be so.

Politics briefly on hold

President Obama has said that he was worried for the American people and that “The election can take care of itself for next week”. But whatever he says remains a political statement.

After the deluge

After the deluge the stocktaking. By late Monday [October 31st, 2012] the ‘end of the beginning’ was glimpsed on the Eastern seaboard. Weather maps still showed the red alert danger warnings across New York, New Jersey, and much of New England. The Washington Post turned attention to the future

Storm-ravaged residents of New York and New Jersey began urgent recovery efforts Tuesday after a nighttime pummeling from Hurricane Sandy, which caused widespread flooding, raging fires and broad power outages and left at least 40 people dead from Connecticut to North Carolina.

It’s not politics, but…

The harder President Obama avoided politics, the more political each move seemed. His visits to stricken New Jersey and his rapport with Republican Governor Chris Christie illustrate this point

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