These Seats are Reserved for Members of the Olympic Family

July 30, 2012

It has been reported from the London Olympics that mortals have been complaining about the practice of reserving seats for members of the Olympic family

Meanwhile, in the boardroom on Mount Olympus, the Head God called the meeting to order. “It has been reported” he began “that mortals have been complaining about the practice of reserving seats for members of the Olympic family”.

“ ‘Thrones’ ” said a lesser God. “They must mean thrones. They are not just seats but our temporary visiting thrones. And mortals don’t get to use our thrones”.

“It seems the fuss is about the temporary thrones we reserve for use from time to time for visits to the celebrations in our honour held in the Earth lands. It’s hard for mortals to understand why we need them, when we don’t use them that much” mused a Middle Status God. “They just think of them as bits of fabricated material for sitting on.”

“But to challenge the rules from the Gods still invites hubris upon them” interjected the God of Tiny Places. “Something must be done”.

“A thunderbolt?” suggested Thor helpfully. Thor tended to suggest thunderbolts as the quick fix to any problems brought to the general meetings of the Gods.
“Maybe we could give away temporary God-like status to humans permitting them to sit briefly in the seats when we are not inclined to use them?”

The Head God noted the suggestion, and proposed that a special sub-committee be set up to examine possible ways of granting temporary membership of the Olympic family permitting use of their reserved seats during special celebratory events.

The proposal was carried unanimously.


For many years, the musician and humourist Miles Kington documented the special meetings of the Gods at Mount Olympus. This post is based on the dilemma of the empty seats reserved for ‘members of the Olympic family’ and which occurred at the start of the London Olympics in July 2012. Miles would have found a great deal of wry humour in the attempts made to place the backsides of mere mortals on the seats left unoccupied by the legitimate family members from Mount Olympus.