In a season of setbacks for charismatic leaders, Boris Johnson’s star is in the ascendant

The newly elected mayor of London is presented at his most Churchillian in a post-election image. If Francois Hollande [and Roy Hodgson in sport] have had the better of more charismatic candidates recently, Boris scraped through against Ken Livingstone

The results for election of Mayor of London was held up until late in the night, before news of the victory for the incumbent, Boris Johnson was confirmed.

The polls always had Boris ahead of Ken, although there was a narrowing of support in the final days of the campaign. The eventual winner emerged on second preference votes. This seems to have reflected a swing in national sentiment towards socialist candidates.

Both main candidates, conservative Boris Johnson, and Labour’s Ken Livingstone are controversial individualists who have repeatedly shown independence from party loyalties. That may explain a difference between Johnson’s success and the wider political failure of the conservative vote to hold. There is a mood afoot that rejects politicians of all three major parties.

It had been an acrimonious campaign, but in the end Johnson was hailed by his rival conceding defeat as probably the next leader of the conservative party.

2 Responses to In a season of setbacks for charismatic leaders, Boris Johnson’s star is in the ascendant

  1. Paul Hinks says:

    Perhaps Mr Cameron is contemplating how to capture some of Boris Johnson’s charismatic stardust.

    Boris’ unorthodox & eccentric style help make him one of the most charismatic & interesting politicians around at the moment. His ‘speak first, worry later’ approach makes him something of a ‘loose cannon’, and yet I see this as one reason why people relate to him, and like him.

    Maybe Johnson will be increasingly touted as a future leader of the Tory Party – & yet I sense the Tory Party don’t actually know how best to harness Johnson’s charisma, let alone build a manifesto around his vision & values.

    Behind Johnson’s bumbling persona is a well educated man, more in touch and in tune with the needs of electorate than he gets credit for. Like him or loath him, his personality compels people to listen; I suppose an overriding concern is whether he would always lead (who ever was following) down the right path.

  2. Nice points. The Cam prepares battle plan . Nadine Dorries continues to front Cam Must Go campaign. Much more to come from these Leaders We Deserve [because we voted for them…]

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