That’s better. Amazon updates its information on Dilemmas of Leadership

Updated materials from the Dilemmas of Leadership textbook can now be found on the Amazon website

Read on to find the connection with the image, which shows a scene from Cruft’s dog show

You might say this post is a publicity pitch for Amazon’s services. Or you might consider it a self-interested advertising pitch, or the author’s cry of gratification. Whatever, I can report that from today [March 30th 2012] a data search for Dilemmas of Leadership on Amazon will reveal information about the new edition which was published towards the end of 2011.

The old words behind the new cover

From time to time over the last three months, as newly published authors do, I would return to the Amazon website to see whether it has updated the pages announcing the 2nd edition of Dilemmas of Leadership.

Over that period of months, I remained disappointed to find the Amazon image was of the cover of the new edition but with the text inside from the older version of the book.

Portrait of the author as an old dog learning new tricks

The extended period waiting did not diminish the sense of frustration or motivation to return to the site time and again. Today I felt those extended efforts had been rewarded at last.

In dog training, this is referred to as the process of behavioural shaping through the gratification afforded by periods of extended play…


The first image shows a border Collie assessing a group of judges at the UK’s annual doggiefest at Crufts. It has some connections with the main story, but mainly it’s there because I like the unconscious irony in the picture which is from Real Dog Training, Scotland and was taken in 1996.

The second image shows the book cover behind which Amazon sneaked in text from the earlier edition of Dilemmas of Leadership.

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