Leaders We Deserve makes list of top Management and Leadership blogs

Leaders We Deserve appears in a list purporting to be of the current best 150 management and leadership blogs in the world, whose membership includes such well-known names as Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters, Bob Sutton, Donald Trump, Stephen Covey, Marshall Goldsmith, The Dale Carnegie web site, and Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Tudor Rickards
Editor Leaders We Deserve

The Dutch compiler of the list on the noop.nl URL has previously provided other ‘world’s best’ lists. He follows an impressive methodology which is worth checking out if you want to draw up a ‘top ten blogs’ list for your favourite topic. It is based on spreadsheet manipulations involving ‘Google Page Rank, Bing hit count, Alexa Ranking, Technorati Authority, Twitter Grader, PostRank and FeedBurner count’.

The list itself makes interesting reading. The best known authors are scattered throughout the list, although they tend to figure mostly in the top 50. Presumably the blog attributed to Mr Dale Carnegie (1888–1955) is ‘ghosted’, unless he is succeeding in communicating his ideas on winning friends and influencing people from beyond the grave. Leaders We Deserve is placed at a modest 83.

What’s the use of a blog?

When I began writing LWD, I was still asked from time to time what’s the point of writing a blog? There was no easy answer. ‘What’s the use of a baby?’ does not seem to work as well as when the aphorism was first offered up by Faraday defending his early experiments into the nature of electricity. Now I can say that this particular blog has become a valued part of leadership development programmes from Manchester Business School. Participants in project teams tackle global issues with blogposts as case materials. They also write a blog post on a current leadership story of their choosing, some of which have been rewritten and published in LWD.


Image taken by Tudor Rickards, March 9th 2012, and is available for free use under Creative Commons conditions

6 Responses to Leaders We Deserve makes list of top Management and Leadership blogs

  1. Congratulations!!!! You cracked the top 100. As this list is two years old, I’m sure you’ve moved up; maybe into the top 50.

  2. Thanks Dale. I am enjoying your blog posts. I’m sure we can find some opportunities for collaboration …

  3. Mr. Rickards, Thank you very much for the kind words. I am also enjoying your blog. Keep in touch if you want to work on any topics or projects.

  4. Paul Hinks says:

    Hi Tudor – congratulations on the recognition of your LWD blog – well deserved!

    The variety of topics you cover, the frequency of postings and your depth of knowledge provide inspiration – ‘Thank-you’ for taking the time to create a blog which offers an interesting & insightful perspective into the dilemmas of contemporary leadership.

  5. Gilmar Cezar says:

    Dear Master, do not be modest. You have a brilliant mind and to be among the top 150 in the world is a huge achievement.

  6. Kamel says:

    Well done Tudor.

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