A New Year Message for LWD Subscribers

December 31, 2011

The main New Year message to our subscribers is “Thanks For Your Continued Support”. Here are some of the ways you helped in 2011:

Susan and the bookshop

Throughout this year, Susan suggested posts and enhanced many of my more outrageous ideas often with a creative ‘yes and’.

Several fruitful meetings were held at Simply Books Bramhall, over a coffee.

The GEL leadership team

Another creative space was found in another coffee bar area at Manchester Business School. Thursday meetings with members of the Global Events and Leadership (GEL) tutors were regular sources of ideas for posts and for leadership insights

Alex and the subscribe button

Less than a year ago, the only way someone could subscribe to LWD was through their own skills at setting up the link. Then Alex Hough suggested the user benefits of the little button permitting easy join-up subscriptions. So a special thanks to Alex.

Dilemmas of Leadership (DOL)

Routledge produced an excellent 2nd edition of Dilemmas of Leadership in December. In 2012 LWD will be publishing more stories linked to leadership news stories linked to the content of DOL.

Thanks to authors and commentators

Thanks also to the subscribers who offered suggestions for posts, and sometimes wrote contributions themselves. Special thanks to participants in MBSW courses who put in additional (and ungraded) work to produce published posts.

Other honourable mentions go to those who joined on-line discussions. Most prolific subscribers in this respect have been and Samer al Sahai, and Jeff Schubert.

Don’t be shy

Another message is “don’t be worried that your comments will not be ‘good enough’. ” Your editor will help you reach the style and quality for a LWD posting.

Tell your friends and click the star

Other ways you can help influence LWD content: Recommend it to your associates. Also use the little star to vote for posts you particularly like. That helps publicise the post, and gives much-welcomed positive reinforcement.

The wisdom of John Cage

One of the last quotes I came across in 2011 was from the musician John Cage. It’s worth carrying over to the new year:

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.

Warmest regards for 2012

Tudor Rickards

Editor Leaders we deserve