Author’s Delight

Leaders We Deserve draws deeply on the textbook Dilemmas of Leadership. The author captures his feelings on the day the second edition was published

6 Responses to Author’s Delight

  1. Fernando Gimenez says:

    Dear Tudor,

    Congratulations! I felt very happy to learn about this new edition and to being able to see you on video. 11 years have passed since we last met in Maringá.
    Do you think your publishers would be interested in a Portuguese edition for Brazil. I would be very honored if I could translate your book.
    A merry Christmas for you and all the best in 2012.

  2. Dear Fernando

    Great to hear from you. A Merry Christmas to you too. Susan and I have fond memories of Maringa. I am not visiting Brazil at present, but my good friend Chris Higgins is ‘in charge’ of MBSW in Rio (seminars tend to be in SP). I like the idea of a Brazilian version of DOL very much and will pass on your note to Routledge).

    There are still plans to research the TFI, and collaboration would be welcome

    Very warmest regards


  3. Terry Clague says:


    Congratulations from everyone at Routledge on seeing this one through to completion. I know I would say this, but it really is a tremendous textbook on leadership and a credit to you to have delivered it and seen it through to completion. I hope your desk copies will arrive soon (if they haven’t already). It was a pleasure working with you – and I’m jealous that Dave Varley gets to work on the next edition – though I’ll still be here in the background looking out for how this goes.

    Merry Christmas, and here’s to a bestselling 2012.

    Terry (and on behalf of all at Routledge too)

    p.s. the title of this webcast made me think you were going to do a rap 😉

  4. samer al salhi says:

    all the best Tudor

  5. Thanks Terry. I am soon driving through the snow to a remote space in Trafford Park to recover those precious first copies of the book from the DHL repository. No gain without er…

    warmest regards


  6. gilmarcezar says:

    Dear professor,
    Greetings from Brazil!!!

    I agree with Fernando Gimenez.
    It could be great if we can have a Portuguese edition.

    Warm regards,

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