Graeme Swann: Natural born leader?

September 23, 2011

As Graeme Swann prepared for the captaincy of England’s T20 cricket squad, he is described as a natural born leader. What’s all that about?

The story broke on the morning of Swann’s first captaincy appointment [23rd Sept 2011]. It seems the assessment had been made by army trainers at a pre-season training event in Germany.

Impressive, but not enough to advance Swann’s cause above that of the younger incumbent, Stuart Broad, whose injury a vacancy which Swann was more than eager to fill.

“I’ve captained every test I’ve played in, in my head…” he told the BBC, “Now I can dictate the way the play goes on the field.”

The expression of intent is worth close study. I welcome the thoughts of leadership students who also have a passing interest in cricket…


Image from castrolcricket

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Swann’s first two tests as England’s T20 Cricket captain produced one overwhelming win, and one crushing defeat with the samde team, against the same opponents.