Question for leaders: what’s the difference between special and essential?

It meant something during President Obama’s state visit to England, as a joint message with Prime Minister Cameron revealed.

The two leaders published the communication in the Times. It seemed to be at pains to address the increasingly aging notion of the special relationship between the two countries. Instead, the word was ‘essential’. How modern. Special is an emotion laden word. Essential is a cool word of functional management. Special has symbolic overtones. Essential doesn’t.

As noted by The International Business Times

The relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. however is much older and complicated than the one between the leader and the Queen. The referral of the countries mutual relationship as ‘special’ can be traced back to a phrase used to describe the exceptionally close political, diplomatic, cultural, economic, military and historical relationship in a 1946 speech by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Since then, although both the United Kingdom and United States have close relationships with many other nations, the level of cooperation between them in economic activity, trade and commerce, military planning, execution of military operations, nuclear weapons technology and intelligence sharing is perceived as a unique one.

President Obama is strong at emotions when they are authentic. He is cautious when he has to wear his mask of command. He was the charismatic leader of his election campaign in Ireland yesterday [May 22nd 2011]. He was playing it for fun as well as for the votes back home with the Irish community. Today it was business as usual.

One Response to Question for leaders: what’s the difference between special and essential?

  1. the relationship between UK and US is very tight since the world war , for me we are talking here about a relation of the most 2 powerful countries (politically) who work extensively for the benefit of their citizen , in this regards both try to be the world leader and that is very obvious from the countries’ policies and that is not behind the scene but very noticed to all nations and both are working from 2 different views although showing consensus in front of other nations.

    for me i feel that UK is following the steps of the world most powerful country (US) and it must do so because of the its world leading position and power

    the dilemma, a leader cannot be a leader and a follower at the same time – then we admit that US is currently leading the world and UK is a follower – and although the idea of distributed leadership is very common in business i don’t think it even exists in political life , in politics especially when we are talking about the power nations the leader will work effortlessly to be the world leader and if cannot then will work effortlessly to be as close as possible to the leader till get a chance to replace

    let the 2 gentlemen show people what ever but for me i think both are having 2 completely different views and opposing each other in almost each decision but UK is doing the right decision to follow the steps of the leader.

    i think US way is not successful any more but the UK is doing well then that make US getting closer and closer to EU especially UK

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