“I need a new tennis racquet …I’m prepared to pay up to £30 for it”

“I need a new tennis racquet” I announced to the proprietor of Jim Halls Sports, Bramhall.

“They’ve changed shape since you bought your last one” Jim said rather unkindly

“Nothing fancy…”

“Nothing fancy. Don’t want to pay money for the branding.” I added.

“You’ll have to. Everything’s branded these days” Jim said “Do you want a Murray-branded one or a Nadal one?”

“Just one I can keep in the back of the car winter and summer. Twice a week, used for social doubles. And with strings that don’t break. I’ve never broken a string with my trusty Dunlop Prince 1975 matchplay.”

Jim started going on again, trying to get me to chose from his assorted collection of 2011 models. “Do you see yourself playing more like Andy Murray or Rafa Nadal?” What kind of question was that? No one plays like Andy Murray or Rafa Nadal. Not even my nephew Connor, who has a Rafa racquet, Rafa headbands, Rafa shirts, Rafa baggy long-shorts, Rafa tennis shoes, and Rafa socks (perhaps I’m not right about the socks).

“Just an ordinary tennis racquet” I pleaded “One to replace my old one. I know there’s been inflation since 1975. I was thinking I could go up to even £30.”

Jim looked downcast. “I think you’d better take a seat for a minute” he said. “I’ve got something to tell you.”

Follow the action

What happened next? Will I abandon my trusty 1975 weapon for some new-fangled over-branded over-priced racquet? Watch this space.

4 Responses to “I need a new tennis racquet …I’m prepared to pay up to £30 for it”

  1. Liam Class of '83 says:

    Time to hit ebay.


    Ten for fifty quid – who cares how long they last.

  2. Sean Kerlin says:

    Very Interesting as I also have a racquet I have had for years and still have the same, but I was told to buy a new fangled K-Factor and it keeps breaking. The old and trusty model is still working well and won me a match on Saturday when the strings broke on the new fangled model

  3. Tudor says:

    One to keep in your trusty sports bag for emergencies. Or, are you even more like me and have the old version of a sports bag which doubles for overnight travel and into which can only fit ilimited supplies of extra kit (a few balls, hardly used; towel, ditto; recycled plastic bottle of tap water)?

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