MBA School swims into view: A fishy tale from Miami

January 16, 2011

Maybe it was jet-lag. There was something very MBA-like about the fish in the aquarium displayed in the coffee shop of the Courtyard Marriot…

A cohort of brightly-coloured creatures, moving to some kind of plan. All different. All rather special and carefully-selected, no doubt. Perhaps put together because they get on well as a team (or do I mean a shoal, or a school?). Well looked after.

The Miami Business Aquarium

Then a larger fish swims into my view at the Miami Business Aquarium “That’s a director fish” I thought.

Susan finished a third capuccino

They are very soothing” she said.

I think she was referring to the fish not the coffee…

Note to non-fishy MBAs

While this post may suggest something interesting about the author’s mental maps, it is probably not suited for study if you have been asked to ‘write a blog post in the style of LWD’.