Special 1 TV, Roy Keane and Mid-Table Madness

January 8, 2011

As Special 1 TV turns its attention to Mid-Table Football Madness, Roy Keane is sacked by Ipswich

Those who believe in Sod’s law will have seen the signs of Roy’s sacking. A recent post in Leaders We Deserve sang his praises. To be fair, we tipped him maybe to rescue the Tractor Boys, but maybe to implode. As guest blogger Ken Scully wrote [November 2010]

Can the Tractor Boys steam ahead with Keane leading them? Of course they can, but don’t be surprised if the wheels fall off, with the blame falling on the Tractor driver.

Special 1 TV

While searching for news of Roy Keane’s demise, LWD came across fresh cartoon humour in The Special 1 TV [BBC 3]. Their recent 5 minute video clip deals with Mid-Table madness. This is an illness which besets football clubs languishing mid-table. It manifests as uncontrollable desire to sack the manager in search of a better one.