377718 will be a lucky number for a LWD subscriber

Lucky Number

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Sometime in early December, Leaders We Deserve will celebrate its 100,000th visitor of the year. The hit will be registered as the 377,718th since the blog started, four years ago

Your ingenious editorial team at LWD has come up with an idea to celebrate the 100,000th hit of 2010, and offers a prize to the visitor who notifies us in the following way:

How to enter

Keep an eye on the ‘total hits’ number on the LWD homepage in the next few weeks, as it approaches the prize-winning number of 377, 718. Send a comment to LWD using this post with a suggestion of ‘how to improve Leaders We Deserve’ .

We will be monitoring the comments carefully (hoping the magic number will not be passed too quickly).

The prize will be awarded to the subscriber whose comment is judged to have been closest to hit number 377,718.

The prize winner will be acknowledged in an update to this page, and will be awarded after scrutiny by a panel of subscribers of LWD of the candidate comments. The panellists will not be eligible for the award.

The Prize

The prize will be a copy of Dilemmas of Leadership by Rickards and Clark published by Routledge, and sent to the address nominated by the prize-winner.

One Response to 377718 will be a lucky number for a LWD subscriber

  1. Tudor says:

    I note it took place early November. Don’t think it was due to this highly suspect (tacky?) advertising effort. So you can’t expect every idea to be a winner..

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