A Manifesto for Better Management

November 11, 2009

Ruth Spellman

The Chartered Management Institute is launching a Manifesto for a Better Managed Britain to demand urgent action. More than 1,500 leaders and managers have already pledged their commitment to the Manifesto. Will it pay attention to ethical leadership?

The Manifesto was launched on the back of a survey of the UK workforce which revealed that about two-thirds of the sample stumbled into management most without formal training or qualifications. It calls for managers, organisations and the Government to pledge their commitment to help meet the economic, social and political challenges facing Britain. It sets out the case for the Government to make the development of effective managers a national priority with the public sector leading by example.

Ruth Spellman, CMI chief executive, said:

“The figures reveal the depth of the crisis of confidence in UK management and leadership and the enormous toll bad management is taking on the UK economy and people’s wellbeing. We invest less in our managers than our global competitors and it shows. The majority of individuals never set out to manage people, and have not been trained to do so. In what other profession would it be acceptable for only a quarter of practitioners to hold a professional qualification? The sad truth is that UK managers are no longer regarded as professional, competent or accountable”.

The campaign serves as a means of lobbying government and politicians who will be more inclined to clarify their policies for business leadership. It also seeks to mobilise business executives towards action and improvement.

It is interesting to note that a campaign out of Harvard Business School began recently. Its focus was to clarify what a professional manager’s charter would look like. Its emphasis was on an ethically-grounded profession. Now that’s something I would like to see introduced into the CMI’s manifesto