A Creativity Experiment

Parasitic twitterer

Leaders we deserve has reported regularly on creativity as it applies to leadership. We now invite subscribers to an experiment on co-creativity. The core of the pilot experiment is a narrative around the nature and consequences of Social Media

An experiment into the nature of co-creativity has been proposed, and an initial pilot experiment designed. Membership in the pilot experiment is initially restricted to subscribers to Leaders We Deserve. They are invited to develop insights into the nature of co-creativity through a process of action research, initially around a narrative dealing with an individual’s attempts to understand and cope with the web-based world in which he lives

The pilot experiment

The pilot experiment explores a narrative which began in a series of blog posts in August 2009 under the authorship of someone known as The Reluctant Twitterer. The author believes that Twitter is a serious danger to social cohesion on Earth, and may be evidence of interventions on a global scale by Alien forces.

The Reluctant Twitter wants to warn others of the danger. But is worried that in doing so will draw attention to himself. (There is some evidence that the author is male). He fears that to do so will place himself in danger and strengthen the ripening plans of the evil forces behind Twitter.

How to get involved

The Reluctant Twitterer writes in a strange format somewhere between poetry and prose. You can intervene in the narrative by reacting to the posts. You may intervene by trying to influence the subsequent course of his narrative in any creatve way you can think. For example, The Reluctant Twitterer discusses in his first posts whether he should join Twitter. If he continues to equivocate, you may want to send him a message to influence that decision in some way.

You may agree with his suspicions about Alien plots. Or you may want to find out more about why he believes these things. Or you may want to ‘talk him down’ from such weird notions.

Why get involved?

Subscribers to leaders we deserve are invited to participate as pioneers who will be able to influence the design of the full experiment.

Take part for fun. The experiment can be seen as a game to be played by many people. There are mental challenges to grapple with, as you exercise your creativity in getting involved. Is there a hidden message in the blog posts and the way they have been constructed?

Go with the flow. See what effect you have on a story that you will be helping get written.

Or take part as a way of introducing your own ideas, concerns, and social identifiers to a self-selecting community of people with shared interests in creativity, collaboration, and leadership.

Participation may take you no more that a few minutes from time to time. Or it may become a more important part of your web-activities

Rules for participation

Social interaction requires rules. The designers of the experiment favour to principle of rules which would emerge from those involved in the experiment. We have decided that as a rule of thumb contributions which would be considered offensive enough to be classified as spam by the editor of leaders we deserve will be removed swiftly from the experiment. The Reluctant Twitterer (whoever that might be) has been informed of this basic principle.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the experiment attracts enough interest, frequently asked questions will crop up. As far as possible in the pilot Leaders we deserve will offer specific comments to specific questions.

Are you out there lurking or waiting to take part?

Our estimates suggest there are several hundred visitors to LWD each day. We hope this invitation will persuade a few silent friends (sometimes known as lurkers) to join in our experiment. The Reluctant Twitterer (who appears to be one such lurker) will be most grateful for any help he receives.

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  1. […] The Reluctant Twitterer blog posts appear on the Word Press platform. Free Trade also uses Word Press, as does my own blog Leaders We Deserve which is written under the not very well-disguised name Tudor. The Reluctant Twitterer began published life in August 2009. Shortly afterwards it was the subject of a post in Leaders We Deserve in which it was described as an experiment in creativity […]

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