Corporate Governance and Leadership: The Missing Link?

A new e-venture will generate research into Corporate Governance. Will this provide a powerful route to improved leadership theory and practice as well?

A new corporate governance venture has been announced [July 12th 2009] which will examine the intersection of investments with environmental, social and governance issues.

This initiative is supported by the Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC). It is particularly welcome at a time when links between business actions and their social, environmental and economic consequences are becoming increasingly salient to us all.

The new venture will be known as The Corporate Governance Network (CGN), and will provide an online community for research in all areas of corporate governance. Its director, is Lucian A. Bebchuk, William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance, and Director, Corporate Governance Program, Harvard University.

CGN will coordinate a range of e-Journals, subscriptions to which will be free during its start-up phase [May-October, 2009]. Subscriptions require signing up via the Social Science Reseach Network (SSRN) site.

Of particular interest to Leaders we deserve subscribers may be the e-journal on Corporate Responsibility & Management

This journal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts that deal with all aspects of governance related to the field of management, broadly defined and including general management, negotiations, and entrepreneurship. The journal welcomes research with a focus on how management affects and is affected by corporate governance and on using tools and methods from the field of management to study corporate governance. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, how corporate governance affects leadership, management, and entrepreneurship within firms, how corporate governance shapes and is shaped by internal firm processes, and case studies of corporate governance.


Corporate Governance: Actors & Players

This journal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts that deal with the different types of actors and players in the field of corporate governance. The journal welcomes research with a focus on using tools and methods from accounting, economics, finance, law, management, sociology, and psychology to study how different types of actors and players affect or are affected by corporate governance arrangements and practitioners. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, studies related to CEOs and other executives, controlling shareholders, boards and directors, shareholders, creditors, employees, and gatekeepers (including lawyers, auditors, financial advisors, rating agencies, shareholder advisers, and the media).

Leaders we deserve welcomes this initiative and encourages researchers to explore it for publishing and networking opportunities.

2 Responses to Corporate Governance and Leadership: The Missing Link?

  1. Hi Tudor,
    We met and spoke briefly today at Leeds Uni. My name is Paul grimshaw i am a Phd researcher at Leeds and i am currently invovled with an open innovation project headed by the the Direcotr of Commercialisation to try and link up with people/groups outside whio might wish to connect internally. One way of doing this is connecting around themes. So if you wish to join the LEEDS INNOVATION NETWORK (LINN)

    i will invite you to attach yourself to a suitable group (once they are created). Please fell free to log/attach anything of interest to the other members or indeed start your own group. you will get the odd email from members of your group. Please bear in mind this is early days so critical mass is yet to be achieved.

    Great talk today. Regards.Paul.

    You also mentioned a colleague interested in tech. transfer – please extend this and i can get in touch with them aswell.

    Best Regards.Paul.

  2. Tudor says:

    Thanks Paul

    I’ll put you in touch with Jonathan who is reseaching IP transfer from Universities in the UK and US.

    Will also plug in to your site. Maybe there should be some mutual links with LWD.

    PS I found it strange walking through Leeds centre seeing news posters on United’s transfer plans. Then I realized there is another famous football side whose supporters refer to the team as United …

    PPS: Even stranger. I also fell into debate about the quickest way to the rail station, with a bus driver, and a man with a white stick and dark glasses. I thought the latter was making more sense and took his advice, which turned out to be accurate.

    Best wishes


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