What’s the difference between spam and junk mail?

May 8, 2009
Junk Mail

Junk Mail

What’s the difference between spam and junk mail? Not a lot. We have had an increasing flow of e-garbage on LWD since we started blogging in 2006

Invitations to porn sites, and mysterious computer-generated gibberish have now been joined by brief messages which look like part of a sad little marketing effort after someone has been to a ‘how to drive traffic to your site’ seminar.

The sort of thing I mean

This week there has been a whole bunch of such missives from a suspiciously similar set of senders.

Six today [May 8th 2009]:







Each of the six had sent a terse almost English sentence such as

Gotta love yahoo, very neat website. Thanks alot….[sic]

The spam targetted recent and older posts, with utter disregard of post content.

Dumb bloggers

Has there been yet another of those dumb bloggers suggesting this as a brilliant e-marketing idea to build a business?

It is all very sad. It would be nice to find a win-win way to reduce the flow. The openness of open source for encouraging discussion is one of its appealing features for me, and I am still one step away from introducing a barrier to entry to comments for LWD. Creative solutions welcomed. Maybe if you come across any blog advocating such pathetic advice you could send them this post. A legitimate application of viral marketing, I’d argue.


To Joan Harvest with grateful thanks for the junk mail free zone image