Ospreys joy at Easter


Well, it had to be an omen. The Easter Ospreys story

Seems this Easter the acts of the Ospreys were being closely followed beyond the Mumbles to the shores of Perthshire. Why? Because these Ospreys showed fifteen years of outstanding team work, travelling across the world to be together. That’s why.

These are not ordinary Ospreys, they are champions and role models. They are writing a new chapter in the book of life …The acts of the Ospreys.

Wise men travelled from the East to the tranquil shores of the Loch of the Lowes to bear witness. Guardian angels watched over them to protect them from ill-wishers who had also travelled to plunder and destroy their works.

And so it came to past at Eastertide. Nay-sayers had said the Ospreys were unable to produce. But all is possible. The dream continues. The Osprey story continues. An egg. An Easter egg. The multitudes celebrate.

Meanwhile …

The other Ospreys (the rugby species, Osprelia Magnificus) were also in search of a miracle in the quarter finals of the Heineken Cup, travelling to meet Munster at their fortress in Thomond Park. Munster could draw on 11 of this season’s Six Nations Grand Slam side. Ospreys could call on an Irish defector and seven Wales regulars. The Ospreys needed another miracle. Naysayers had written these Ospreys off, too, the Irish Independent noting

Munster will see off a below-strength Ospreys

What happened next…

No second miracle. Munster massively outplayed the Ospreys. There was no Easter joy for the Osprays from Wales.

To go more deeply

BBC Scotland tells the happy Ospreys story

BBC sport tells of Munster’s triumph and the tale of the unhappy ones.

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