Creative leadership network

Tudor Rickards (Malta 2000)

Tudor Rickards (Malta 2000)

An international network has developed of associates and former doctoral students of Manchester Business School researching creativity and leadership. Leaders we deserve welcomes comments for improving and updating this resource

Origins of this post

Tudor Rickards initiated this post after a similar list was consided to be inappropriate for inclusion in a wikipedia article.

Manchester Business School Research Alumni

Abdulla Al-Bereidi has studied creativity in Saudi Arabian organizations

Simon Aldridge (d. 2007) pursued his interests in creativity in complex social systems such as the National Health Service.

Ming-Huei Chen collaborated on the two-barrier model of team development, and on the validation of its team factor inventory. She has also researched creativity of entrepreneurs in Taiwan, and team creativity

Christian de Cock has developed a post-structural approach to studies of creativity.

Fernando Gimenez has examined the strategic decision-making of Brazilian entrepreneurs

Julie Hass researched a creative climate inventory and extended the work into
sustainability auditing.

Frederick Hsu has studied modes of rationality in strategic decision-making

Faisal Q Khokhar has researched leadership and entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Susan Moger has specialized in creativity in networks and in creative leadership. Susan was founder editor of Creativity and Innovation Management.

Zain Mohammed applied Ekvall’s creative climate scale to organizations in Malaysia.

Tony Proctor has studied and published on creative problem-solving

Nathan Proudlove researches group decision factors

Hernan Riquelme has studied decision processes of venture capitalists, creative imagery, and Herbert Simon’s cognitive model of creativity


The image was freely provided [Nov 2008] by Tudor Rickards from his personal collection for Leaders we deserve and is a copy of an original commissioned by Dr Sandra Dingli of the University of Malta at the Conference on creativity, Malta, 2000, and which has appeared on the University of Malta and other websites subsequently.

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