Poll Dancing

Pole dancing puppy

Pole dancing puppy

Leaderswedeserve has a small but loyal list of subscribers. Maybe the numbers are small because the posts are too lengthy and read a bit too much as if written by a crusty old academic. Here’s a chance to influence future posts

Perhaps the Obama Bush marathon has over-disposed me to opinion polls however futile. So here’s a poll you can take part in, even if you are not a registered American voter.

If you want to offer suggestions not covered by the three options, you can always add a comment in the customary way at the end of the post.

One Response to Poll Dancing

  1. Tudor,

    The beauty of your stuff is that you combine information on current events with thoughtful analysis which has a longer term, and very useful academic, context. You should be proud. You may not be creating “headlines”, but you are making a very useful contribution to society. Your “balance” now is about right (in my view), so be very careful about change. Your innovation and creativity has so far been great — do not “dumb-down”!


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