Leadership Quiz

November 25, 2007

washington-and-bush.jpgThe leadership quiz is offered for students of leadership. Suggestions for answering the questions can be found at the end of the post

1How would you define leadership?
2Where would you expect to find the earliest recorded descriptions of leaders?
3Who wrote about the lives of great engineers?
4What assumption lies behind trait theories of leadership?
5What do we remember as Stogdill’s contribution to leadership?
6What assumption lies behind style theories of leadership?
7Suggest two contrasting leadership styles found in experimental studies
8What is a contingency theory?
9What leadership style is associated with ‘New Leadership’ theories of the 1980s?
10What is distributed leadership?
11What leadership concept was central to Weber’s social theorizing?
12How did the theory re-emerge in later leadership studies?
13What are usually listed as the historical periods of leadership thought?
14What led to the various changes in leadership thought?


The questions were based on materials to be found in Dilemmas of Leadership. Some answers can be found in a slideshare presentation on