Co-creating Project Leadership Information

January 6, 2007

In January through February 2007, we are running an experiment to see how blog discussion can be used as a learning resource for people engaged in project team work and leadership. You are invited to join in a conversation about these topics. We hope this will be a simple way of supporting your own on-going project work, and even your personal development.

The Long-list of leadership topics

We have assembled a starting list of questions that we have collected from students attending assorted courses on leadership and project management. We want to use these to promote conversations grounded in on-going project experiences.

1 Remember the fat lady
We are in deep trouble as a project team. What do we do if the team believes there is no way to reach its project objectives?

2 Basic Assumption groups
What to do when the group becomes over-concerned with the damaging impact of clients, leaders, slackers, and other people seen as the main barriers to team success?

3 Using Psychological profiles sensibly
How might we use knowledge of psychological typologies to support team effectiveness?

4 Search widely, choose wisely
How can we go beyond the obvious and first ideas in our team discussions?

5 Working to a difficult brief
What can you do if you are given a difficult or unreasonable project brief?

6 Multi-tasking (independent versus inter-dependence)
How can you divide up the work among team members?

7 Conflict resolution
Are you dealing with conflict in the project as effectively as you could?

8 On team leadership
What sort of leader (or leaders) should your team have?

9 What can be done if your team members are poor at listening to each other?

10 Add your own questions to the list

Joining the conversation

You can join in the discussion by responding in the ‘comments’ box at the end of this post, saying which question or questions on the long list would interest you most, and why. Just use question number and short title in your reply. You may also want at mention any specific angle, perhaps from your current project, that you would like covered in any future discussion. Please avoid providing information that might be of commercial sensitivity to your organization.

Why join in?
Because a range of experienced project leaders will take part in the experiment. This means that it is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in projects and project leadership to ask and get answers to questions on these topics. We will take into account the comments posted as we prepare future postings in the next two months. This again, makes participation beneficial and influential.

We will also be offering incentives for contributors considered to have been particularly influential through their comments (details of this to be announced before the end of January).